sábado, 14 de febrero de 2009

Private Hell

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  1. Ha sido un placer visitar su humilde y perversa morada. Gracias por compartir sus momentos.

    Que sigan tan bien.


  2. Private Hell

    She does not presume to come here knowing
    Anything. So tell her. Show her. Sacrifice her
    If you must. She is not worthy now of much.

    She would lick drops from your cup, crumbs
    From your hand. But you, you are the same
    Man whose nature is always to demand

    Gently, that each girl, every, any girl, should
    Open up her soul to you. Of course there are
    Many, but they are one body; watch them eat

    Your bread each morning, drink your wine at night.
    (I feed on you. My heart is grasping and greedy.
    It is great. It is glorious. It is splendidly majestic.)

    Therefore with demons and angels and with all the
    Company you bring here, give them, oh grant them
    Time. Time to drink you dry, to suck the very life

    From your long limbs, to eat whatever you should
    Put in their mouths. In return, for you they shed blood,
    Offer white skin, they wait for you to help them peel.

    Everything in this crazed kingdom is yours. Black leather
    Chair, burning stove, chalk-scrawled board, cross on wall.
    While all things come from you, they can give you nothing

    Bar broken body, spilt blood. Everlasting life is too unreal,
    But she offers these fleeting, hurting moments, as, far
    From your touch, just out of reach, she is still free to feel

    Anything and though everything is yours, she will
    Hand you pride, unhide herself with noise. First, leave
    Her be, in flying hell, in this her private hanging head.

    Where instantly, momently, she is not of you, despite the
    Thousand threads you tied. Where she is nearer to she.
    Wait. Suspend all for the time it takes to turn her red.


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