viernes, 13 de marzo de 2009


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  1. Free

    Do you remember, my love, the day we drove to the sea?
    I promised you shells the size of my palm, burning sand,
    A bay where nobody would see your long bare legs and
    Your searching perfect hands as they roamed right over me.

    Do you remember, my love, how at first the sky was blue,
    Then white, then bruised, then bulging, angry grey
    And the dusty track, crowded with cars going the other way,
    Seemed endless, seemed hopeless, as we watched how

    The colours changed and the sun, the teasing, sparkling sun
    Hid and left us quite alone? And my love, do you remember
    That the longed for peaches were squashed in the bag
    And left sticky smears on my arm and the cava was warm?

    How could we have known, my love, that all these years later
    You would be in a bar where a map on the wall marks that place
    With a girl half our age, drinking wine I drank from cups with you?
    That halfway through the glass you would laugh and tell the tale

    Of the day the rain came before you had a chance to swim,
    How the whole thing seemed impossible, but on a saving whim
    We ran through wet grains, dived beneath the fighting waves
    And so it was that no-one saw your fishlike hands in play.

    Should I have guessed, my love, that all along you held us in,
    That every beach, each taunting coast reminded you of me?
    Could we have known that, after all this time, after all those days,
    We would still remember singly the one we drove to the sea?