martes, 21 de abril de 2009

Little Secret

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  1. Me encanta tu pequeño secreto. las sensaciones que te produzca deben ser para tí, eso es lo único importe, tanto las que sientes en tu piel, como las que sientes por saberte contemplada.

  2. Little Secret

    Beneath the buttons, under the grey
    of this high-necked winter coat,
    like the poets I too have my secrets.

    Discover them in bare rooms where
    glaring white shows all the scars,
    hair and hands mark empty walls.

    This is the secret that everyone knows:
    inside rope run veins, pulse pores,
    breathes blood, shyly beats a heart.

    This is the secret that nobody knows:
    I want to be nothing but the space
    in the air between knots and frays

    as your touching hands tie cords. You,
    bored of borders, leave me landless,
    confusing world starts and earth ends.

    But know I would wing words to your fingers,
    bind lines to your eyes, sing through your hell,
    though this is the secret I thought I’d never tell.


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