viernes, 10 de abril de 2009

Viernes Santo

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  1. Me gusta cómo emparejas las imágenes.

  2. Good Friday

    Do as you will. I will be led by you only.
    But deliver me safely, completely, home.

    My father crowds pews in hours of prayer,
    in my crown of netted tights, tied to a chair,

    I await a whipping, think how fishing boats
    bob in their chains on the northern coast

    with the squawking of gulls. That sailor,
    searched for in hymns, took off to sea,

    lived a dried-up death so two-thousand
    years later we have an afternoon free,

    time to punish confessions as they unfurl,
    for you to take away the light of my world.

    Lead me away from all that’s right, only
    Jesus Christ, have mercy, please, tonight.